The H2020 SWS Heating Stakeholder Advisory Board meets in Lleida.

On June 17 th the Stakeholder Advisory Board of the H2020 project SWSheating met the general board at the University of Lleida. I want to thank the SWS Heating consortium, led by Dr. Sotitios Karellas (National Technical University of Athens), as well as the SHAB coordinator, Dr. Luisa F. Cabeza, for their kind invitation to join this board. This is a very innovative project with a high-impact perspective, and we expect great outcomes from it.

SWS Heating is developing an innovative Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (STES) unit along with a novel sorbent storage material. This will allow storing and shifting the harvested solar energy available abundantly during the summer to the less sunny and colder winter period, thus covering a large fraction of heating and domestic hot water demand in buildings.

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